Tumblebus Parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday the fit and fun way on Tumblebus Greenville! We bring the party to you! We bring the Tumblebus to your home, a park, or almost any location in Greenville and some surrounding areas.


If you are looking to have a unique and unforgettable birthday party for your little one, look no further!

Tumblebus supplies all the fun, in a healthy and safe way, while you and your fellow parents get to enjoy a little party all of your own! All you have left is cake and presents!

Book Tumblebus Greenville for your child’s birthday today! See our calendar to view our available days and times.

Any time slot highlighted in BLUE means we still have one party available at that time.

  • Click on the date and time you would like for your event and you will be brought to a short registration form to fill out including your preferred payment method.

  • A $75 non-refundable deposit will be taken shortly after booking in order hold your spot. This will be subtracted from your final payment, which will be taken out on or after the day of the birthday party.

  • Our birthday parties are age appropriate for children 18 months up to 6 years old. Some children (i.e. siblings/cousins/close friends) beyond our age limit may be allowed on the Tumblebus and welcome to join the Tumblebus fun, as long as the safety of everyone present is met. Rules and stipulations are required to ensure the well being of all Tumblebus attendees.


Our unforgettable and innovative party package includes:

- One hour party on the Tumblebus

- Lead by trained and first aid/CPR certified instructor(s)

- Theme of your choice (Tumblebus comes COMPLETELY decorated)

- Extra games, swings and equipment to interchange throughout party

-12 children ($10 per additional child) - We can only have up to 15 kids on the Tumblebus at a time due to limited space

- Tumblebus t-shirt for birthday child

- Tumblebus medals, stickers, and hand stamps for all attendees!

Cost: $350

Birthday Party FAQ:

How far can Tumblebus Greenville travel for a Party?

We are based off of Exit 35 on Interstate 385 and will travel up to 30 minutes to attend your child’s party.

Some towns we often travel to are:

  • Simpsonville

  • Mauldin

  • Travelers Rest

  • Fountain Inn

  • Powdersville

  • Greer

If you are not sure about your location, please contact us.

Please note, there is a Tumblebus Spartanburg and if you wish to have a party in Spartanburg County, please contact them separately as we are not affiliated.

How big is the Tumblebus?

The Tumblebus is approximately 45 ft. long (or about 3 cars lengths) and 16 ft. high.

Where can Tumblebus park?

Tumblebus MUST be parked in a safe and flat location. If there is any question on the legality of parking anywhere (a park/ facility), please contact the proper authorities on the matter. Tumblebus MUST be able to easily pull up to and leave the area in question; keep in mind that we are a FULL size school bus.

How flat does the parking area need to be?

A slight slope in the parking are is no problem, but remember the Tumblebus is a FULL size school bus (apx. 45 ft. long) and if the parking area has any sort of hill/decline, it puts the length of the Tumblebus off-balance and the safety of your children’s stability at play. Basically, if you think a 45 ft. long bouncy house would be able to function properly in the space, Tumblebus most likely will be just fine.

How do payments work?

After booking your Tumblebus Party and inputting your payment method, a $75 deposit will be withdrawn from your account to hold your place. This $75 will be subtracted from your total party payment. The remainder of the party payment will be withdrawn on or after the day of the party.

What if I haven’t heard from you after booking and receiving a confirmation, and before the date of the party?

Don’t worry! All Tumblebus parties are automatically uploaded to our calendar and sent to our team to prepare for! We wouldn’t dare missing a Tumblebus party and upsetting any birthday kids! If you would like further confirmation and a quick response, email us or give us a call (864) 263-7723

Can I reserve the Tumblebus for more than one hour? If so, how?

Yes you can, although we do not usually suggest that option for a regular birthday. We have found that one hour on the Tumblebus is a perfect amount of time for our age range. It gives the kids plenty of time to enjoy the Tumblebus but not too much time where the kids are too tuckered out and ready for cake. If you decide to go ahead with adding additional hours to your booking, you must first contact our office to see if we are available to extend. Each additional hour is $250.

Does Tumblebus supply any invitations, goodies bags, or any other birthday merchandise?

Our party package includes a Tumblebus t-shirt for the birthday child, medals, stamps and stickers for all attendees. We do not supply anything else, except of course our unique entertainment!

What if I have more than 15 children attending the party?

We have had countless parties with more than 15 kids and we offer numerous options. Most of the parties chose to simply split the children up into two groups and give each group equal time on the Tumblebus (half an hour each, in 15 minute or just half an hour intervals). While one group is Tumblebus-ing, the others usually take a snack, drink and bathroom break.