Weekly Fitness Classes

Tumblebus Greenville travels out to select preschools and daycares across Greenville County, and holds 30-minute weekly fitness classes of 12-15 students on our one of a kind mobile facility. Tumblebus Greenville is age appropriate for children as young as 18 months up to 6 years old.

Once Tumblebus is parked and secured, the fitness fun begins! Our temperature controlled Tumblebus is designed to utilize a wide variety of interchangeable and adaptable equipment that our trained and certified staff members use to help develop and increase balance, flexibility, upper and lower body strength, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and overall confidence.


How Our Weekly Educational Fitness Fun Classes Work:

Your child’s safety and education is important to us.

Every week on Tumblebus Greenville is a new active adventure! Our team of instructors work hard to create interactive and fun lesson plans that are different every week, making exercise and learning fun. Our energetic, trained, first aid and CPR certified and vetted instructors create a safe, fun, and fit class every week for our Tumblebus students.

Your time is important and so is your child.

Our innovative fitness education class is brought directly to your child's preschool or daycare and is offered as an extracurricular program during school hours; easing up on your busy schedule and making room for more valuable family time. Each 30-minute class consists of a 5-minute warm up and weekly instructions, followed by 25 minutes of fitness play and a short cool down that includes a reward for a job well done.

Year-round fun.

Thanks to our temperature controlled mobile facility, Tumblebus Greenville is a year-round program, rain, snow or South Carolina shine, with ongoing enrollment. You may register at your convenience at anytime during the full year, with no long-term commitment necessary.

Sign up now!

If Tumblebus Greenville currently attends your childcare facility, register today for weekly fitness fun classes through our quick and simple online registration that includes your monthly payment preferences.  

  • Annual registration is $30, and comes with a Tumblebus t-shirt.

  • Flat rate monthly tuition is $44.75 (3-5 weeks).

  • Register today and your monthly tuition will be pro-rated accordingly!

  • Military and teachers receive a 20% discount on monthly tuition; please note if you qualify for either of these discounts in the comment section of your registration form. Second students automatically receive 20% discount on monthly tuition and third students receive 30% discount on monthly tuition.

Once your child is registered, Tumblebus staff will take your child every week unless our office is notified otherwise before the 1st of the month via email or in the Parent Portal.

WE ARE GROWING STRONG! Just like our Tumblebus kids!

If Tumblebus Greenville does not currently attend your childcare facility in Greenville County, and you are interested in starting Tumblebus classes at your center, talk to your director about the infinite benefits of fitness classes with Tumblebus Greenville and contact us today!

If you are a preschool or daycare owner/director and are interested in more information, we would LOVE to hear from you! We offer FREE 15-minute trial classes to new schools for ALL eligible students, with no commitment on your end! We know that Tumblebus Greenville can make a perfect addition to any program, and the best part is, it adds no additional work to your already busy schedule!


Our Schools and Schedule:

- Adora Childcare: Wednesdays at 3:00 pm

-Buncombe Street United Methodist Church Preschool:Mondays at 3:15 pm

- Cadence Academy, Mauldin Campus: Tuesdays at 9:45 am

- Cadence Academy, Greenville Campus: Mondays at 9:45 am

- Christ Episcopal Church Preschool: Wednesdays at 1:30 pm

- Classy Kids, Fairview Rd. Campus: Thursdays at 10:00 am

- Classy Kids, W. Georgia Rd. Campus: Thursdays at 9:15 am

- Classy Kids, Greer Campus: Tuesdays at 2:00 pm

- Carolina International Preparatory School: Wednesdays at 8:30 am

- First Presbyterian Academy: Mondays at 2:30 pm

- Five Oaks Academy: Mondays at 12:00 pm

- Holy Cross Academy: Thursdays at 8:30 am

- Kids R’ Kids, Greenville Campus: Mondays at 9:00 am

- Lee Rd. United Methodist Church Preschool:Wednesdays 10:45 am

- Primrose School of Simpsonville: Tuesdays at 8:30 am

- SolVerus Academy, Greenville Campus: Wednesdays at 9:45 am

- SolVerus Academy, Mauldin Campus: Tuesdays at 3:00 pm

Weekly Class FAQ:

How long and often are classes?

Tumblebus classes are 30 minutes in length and are held at our current daycares and preschools once each week.

How do I register?

You simply fill out our registration form online HERE. It is quick and easy!

How do payments work?

Upon registering, you must put in a payment card of your choice; we currently accept visa and mastercard. We do not accept any cash or checks at this time.

At the start of every month and upon registering, we will post your monthly balance to your account. You can log into your account at any time to pay your balance if you’d like, otherwise we will charge the card on file on or after the 10th of each month. If you wish to cancel payments and classes, you MUST notify our office via email before the 1st of the month if you wish to not be charged. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the following billing cycle.

Is Tumblebus year-round?

Yes! We are a year round program thanks to our own custom temperature controlled mobile facility! Rain, snow, or South Carolina Shine, we bring the fitness fun to our students! If the Tumblebus cannot visit your child's school due to inclement weather or mechanical problems, a make-up will be arranged or your account will be credited for that week. School holiday, weather closings, and unknown absences will not be credited.

Do you prorate monthly tuitions?

Yes! Register at your convenience and we will prorate your tuition according to our average 4-week monthly $44.75 tuition.

When does Tumblebus come to my child’s school?

Please check our schedule of schools to find out when your child’s Tumblebus classes will take place.

How long after I register my child will they be able to attend classes?

Please allow at least 48 hours for your child’s registration to be processed and added to our current rosters.

I registered my child but it will not let me enroll her in any classes, what am I doing wrong?

NOTHING! We ask you which childcare facility your child attends specifically for this reason. As long as you wrote your child’s correct facility and campus, we will enroll them in their correct Tumblebus class. If your preschool or daycare has more than one campus and you forgot to mention which one, simply email us to specify.

Who will be instructing my child’s class?

All Tumblebus Greenville instructors are carefully trained, vetted and chosen in order to give our Tumblebus students the most safe, fun and exciting classes possible. They are also trained and certified in first aid and CPR through American Red Cross.

Does Tumblebus drive my kids anywhere?

No! Tumblebus will travel across Greenville and surrounding areas but no transportation of children ever occurs. Tumblebus parks and safely secures the bus before allowing anyone on.

Is Tumblebus locked while children are in class?

Yes! Tumblebus doors and windows are always locked during classes, ensuring your children’s safety.

Is the bus on while classes are in session?

No. The bus is always off while children are on board. We keep our facility temperature controlled through the use of a propane generator that is attached to the outside of the bus ensuring that no harmful toxins ever reach your precious ones.

How do I cancel classes and payments?

Simply email our Tumblebus Greenville office here before the 1st of the month you wish to cancel. If you email us after the st, you will have to wait until the following billing cycle to cancel payments. For example, if you wish to stop classes and payments for the month of December, you must email us by November 30th in order to stop you payment from coming out.

Can my child have a free trial class?

Yes! If we currently attend your child’s school, you may email us, or notify your director/teacher to request a trial class while we are at your facility. If we do not currently attend your child care facility and are interested in starting Tumblebus classes at your center, talk to your director about our free trial classes and weekly fitness classes and or contact us directly!

Do you prorate tuition or set up make-up classes for holidays, school closings and or missed classes?

No. We created our flat-rate monthly tuition, based on a four-week month just for this reason. We understand a child will occasionally miss a class, and some schools may close, even if Tumblebus is still running, and even on major holidays. Our flat-rate monthly tuition does not fluctuate on you, and we found that it evens out throughout the year to give you an average of four classes a month. Some months you may have four classes, some you may have three, and some you get five. We keep things simple and easy by sticking to our flat-rate monthly tuition. However, if you know your child will be missing more than one class due to various circumstances, email our office to notify us and we will prorate your tuition or give you a credit for your next billing cycle.

Can I enroll in Tumblebus classes if you do not attend my child’s preschools or daycare?

Sadly, seeing as we are strictly a mobile business with no building, if we do not attend your child’s school they cannot attend our classes. However, Tumblebus Greenville is in the process of expanding to new preschools and daycares across Greenville and surrounding areas, so talk to your director today about the infinite benefits of adding Tumblebus to your program! We never disappoint!

Why do you give out jelly beans at the end of classes?

We like to fill our kiddos up on sugar when they are done being fit. JUST KIDDING! At the finish of our classes, we give out 1 to 2 jellybeans at the most and a Tumblebus stamp to all of our well behaved Tumblebus stars. Number one, this helps our students remember to follow our very simple rules: Be kind, be safe, and listen. When a child is having trouble following our Tumblebus rules, we find that even just one jellybean will incentivize our students to be the best they can be! Another reason is that we teach our students that when you work hard, and are sweet, you get something sweet, but always in moderation! And of course, if we didn’t give them out, I don’t think our Tumblebus kids would ever leave!

What are the Tumblebus Greenville office hours?

Due to the facts that Tumblebus Greenville is strictly a mobile business with no building location and that we are a small business, we do not have consistent business hours. If you need to get in touch quickly, the best way is to send us an email. If you call us and we do no answer, PLEASE leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We care about our Tumblebus families and try to get back to emails and voicemails within 1-2 workdays. Keep in mind that our business is unique and runs a bit differently so please be patient with us because we are worth it!